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June 2023 Newsletter - Back Forty Farms

It's been a few months and as you can imagine, a lot has happened. There isn't a time when something isn't happening when you are on a 42-acre Farm and Ranch. :-)

From visiting North Idaho for a week-long event, joining a new organization, providing some Back Forty recipes to big news about our daughter - all of this is (and lots more) is within this edition of the Back Forty Farms Newsletter!

We have lots to cover so let's get you up-to-date!



Ron and Lisa are going to Grandparents! Usually when we say this, it's in fun and usually relating to an animal being born, but this time it is for real! Heather, their daughter, is with child! They are having a gender reveal party tomorrow but Ron says, and always has, that it's a girl. We will know soon but regardless of the sex we are praying for a healthy baby, as truly that is all that matters. Thus far, everything looks good for "Baby Jackson" and Mom, and we expect that to continue.

Heather and Skyler just returned from Italy (late honeymoon) and being pregnant on this trip provided challenges such as morning sickness, which wasn't great timing with the unbelievable food Italy has to offer, but they both had an amazing time and came back with exceptional pictures and memories they will have forever.

"Baby Jackson"

Heather & Skyler in Italy



Our variety of products have increased over the last several months, so there are lots more options for you to choose from. We have added some more that you may be interested in.

One new product, which we wrote an article on, is dandelion flowers. We knew it tasted great, but the health aspects of it is truly astonishing, which the article goes into great detail. Our inventory is getting low on this product and isn't going to be replenished until next year, so if having a great tasting and super nutritious beverage interests you, get them while you can.

Ron did a short video about dandelions that may interest you. You can watch it below by clicking here.



A few of our more popular items are listed (and linked) below for your convenience:

• Our soup starters make a terrific meal and easy to prepare over a campfire or jetboil.

• Our top-selling product, organic chicken eggs, make breakfast a snap!

• Our breakfast scrambles add some veggies and meat, but we do offer veggies without meat too.

• Our dandelion tea makes a great beverage after a day on the lake, or a great way to start your morning off. Get your energy in a healthy and delicious way.

• Our vegetable mix, peas, and corn are a perfect side to your main dish.

• Our banana chips are perfect to boost your energy or a perfect snack as you burn all those calories exploring.

• Our granola is not only great for an energy burst, but it's delicious! (Granola is not freeze-dried)

We have added many new and amazing products, both freeze-dried and not freeze-dried, so if you haven't looked on our Country Store recently, please do as you won't be disappointed.

Remember, our freeze-dried foods are packaged in a mylar bag, contains an oxygen absorber and then heat sealed. If stored in a cool, dry and dark place, the product will last for over 20 years! We have seen an increase in those adding to their food storage supply and also, due to it being so light and easy to carry, many people have found them beneficial for hunting, hiking, fishing, backpacking and more. Nothing quite like healthy, fresh and delicious food that isn't heavy and beyond simple to prepare.

Now that it's growing season, be watching out for even more items to be added on our online Country Store.



Our freeze-dried chicken eggs have been pretty hard to keep in stock, generally selling out in minutes, which is tough for our customers across the nation. We have added a lot more chickens in the last couple of months, which have/will start laying so we will have more eggs per day, allowing more inventory for you. We do everything we can so you don't have to see "out of stock."



We are excited to announce and do something that is very rare these days, which is: We have LOWERED our pricing on our freeze-dried chicken eggs!

You will now pay 20% less for our freeze-dried organic freeze-dried chicken eggs. Our goal is to get healthy food into as many homes (and bellies) as possible. We do not use antibiotics, shots, vaccines and all chicken feed is either non-GMO or grown right on our farm. Our chickens eat what they normally would in the wild as they are free-range, having almost 2 acres to enjoy and eat from naturally, as intended.

This price reductions isn't a sale - it's our new pricing for you!



We are most active with posts, pics and videos on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Gab. We are on Facebook, but not a lot is shared there.



In May, we joined Idaho Preferred, which is an amazing organization and we have been really impressed with. They highlight Idaho farms and help spread the word about its members and also provide resources and other services that are beneficial.

You can see our other affiliations by clicking the below photos or here.



Ron and Lisa were selected to be a part of a week-long training put on by Armed To Farm, University of Idaho and the Farmer Veteran Coalition, which took place in late April in Sandpoint, Idaho. In order to attend you must have an active farm and be a veteran.

Ron and Lisa met so many wonderful people who became fast friends. The presenters provided so much valuable and useful information, it was like drinking from a firehose. Books, resources, guides, videos and more were given to everyone and it's not fluff or filler type things, it's solid, valuable and relatable information. We feel blessed.

As a group, we also visited a few farms in North Idaho which was fun, performed some soil samples, and came away with new ideas and methods to help shape the way we operate.

Amazing Veteran Farmers

During the event, the President of the Idaho Farmer Veteran Coalition asked Ron to become a part of their team. Ron met with him and the Secretary recently at Back Forty and is now their Digital Director. Ron is blessed and eager to assist this amazing organization as best he can.



To say that Lisa and Tony are amazing in the kitchen, would be an understatement. Each meal seems to always be a "photo opportunity." Breakfast is often our farm-fresh eggs, cilantro that we grow, and homemade bread that is the best tasting bread you can imagine. Eating food that isn't full of chemicals, pesticides and poisons is so important! Ron is "forced" to be QA and the taste tester for the delicious meals they create, but hey, somebody has to do it right?

Did you know that many of their favorite recipes are available to you? Click the below photo, or here, to view delicious recipes that we all enjoy here on the farm.


We are asked often about what we offer, if we offer tours, etc. and many of these can be answered quickly by visiting our FAQ.



Everyone loves pictures, especially on a farm, so we are going to have this section going forward. These could range from animals, plants, flowers, or other things that we liked or feel you may enjoy. Make sure you follow us on Instagram, as that is one of our most used platforms.

Below you will see photos that we talked about above, our dogs, horses, a tour of 125 people, flowers, our baby Noelle (cow) who is growing like crazy, our new bees, one of many snakes we are seeing and lots more. Enjoy!

Click on photos to view caption and details.


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We had over 700 people read our newsletter and had positive feedback, wow! We strive to provide value to as many people as possible through our newsletter, which offers educational content and healthy food delivery right to their door. We also include entertaining images and videos that may be enjoyed.

We hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter! If you did, would you mind sharing it with a friend or posting the link to your social media? It would help us reach more people and spread the word about what we do.


Until next time, be safe, enjoy your summer and whenever possible - shop local and support a small farm near you.

From all of us at Back Forty, we want to say "thanks" to all of you who support our small farm!


Ron, Lisa, Tony & Heather

Family info can be found here.


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