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Family Owned & Operated


Ron and Lisa have had the blessing of being successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and helping others through their non-profit organizations for decades in the Treasure Valley.  They have been married 32 years and have two amazing children.

After selling their companies and "retiring" in 2013, they sold their dream home and started Back Forty Farms in 2018.

Both Ron and Lisa have hearts to help and serve others and Back Forty Farms allows this to happen in countless ways.



Ron has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  He started his first company at the age of 23 with no formal education after high school. He did so from the basement of his parents' home and turned it into a multimillion-dollar operation and one of the top three private investigation firms in the United States, employing 49 people.

Together with his wife Lisa, Ron has successfully started 6 companies, has helped thousands of clients, and has a heart to serve others however possible.

Ron's primary interest is the American Revolution.  He is the host of a very popular podcast called, Patriot Power Podcast, is the President of the Idaho Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, and both he and Lisa teach the US Constitution and American Revolution at a Christian Co-Op.

Ron served in the US Navy.

You can find all that he's involved with by clicking here.



After graduating from Boise State University with a degree in Kinesiology, Tony realized that working in an office didn't quite suit him.


He began working at the farm part-time in 2019 which turned into a full-time job here at Back Forty. As Project/Land Manager, Tony oversees the countless projects on the property including habitat repair and expansion, building current and future developments, supplies and overall land operations.


Some of his interests include music, gaming, running and cycling. 



Lisa has a passion for cooking and is an expert in nutrition and making healthy but delicious meals. Soon you will be able see her creativity first-hand when she begins teaching cooking classes here on the farm.

Lisa manages all aspects of the farm's gardens from seed selection to planting timelines and more.  

She, along with Ron, teaches American Revolution History at two schools. Her kind and calm demeanor draws her students in to a topic she has expansive knowledge of and they love her for it.

Some of her interests include cooking, gardening, traveling and history.



After working in Idaho's largest Neurosurgery department for almost 5 years, Heather made the decision to quit her job and find what made her feel truly fulfilled. Going from an office with no windows to being outside constantly was a huge change but one that she will forever be thankful for.

Heather is a survivor of domestic violence & arsenic poisoning. She is now an advocate for domestic violence survivors and those struggling with mental health. Her podcast 'Becoming the Phoenix' can be found here.

Some of her interests include history, houseplants, dancing & true crime. 

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