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Back Forty Farms is home to over 200 chickens who free-range our 42-acre farm eating high quality natural food.  They are also fed GMO-free feed and occasional fruit and veggie treats.  This is why our eggs have a richer yolk and thicker shell. They taste better and hold more nutritional value than store bought eggs. But our eggs aren't just a treat for the palette - they also come in a variety of beautiful colors!


Each carton contains a medley of pastel colored eggs ranging from white to tan/brown and blue to green. The coop is checked several times a day and eggs are immediately brought in, cleaned and stored safely.​

We take these same amazing eggs and make them last 20+ years by freeze-drying them.  Check out a recent review and learn more information about our freeze-dried products on our Country Store and Blog

6 Reasons You Should Be Eating Free-Range Eggs


- 6 grams of protein

- 70 mg of omega-3 fatty acids

- 10% less fat than regular eggs

- High levels of lutein & zeaxanthin (lowers risk of vision loss)

- Good doses of Vitamins A, D & E

- Choline to support memory & nerve function


Free-range eggs contain up to a third less cholesterol than eggs you buy at a supermarket. A standard egg contains an average of 423 mg of cholesterol, while free-range eggs contain an average of 277 mg.


Studies have shown that free-range eggs have 3-6 times more Vitamin D than traditional supermarket eggs. Vitamin D helps maintain strong bones and teeth, support immune function, regulate insulin levels, and more


You can fill up on free-range eggs at only 72 calories each! Use them in an omelette for a healthy and hearty start to your day...and you will stay full until lunch thanks to the increased protein and healthy fats that free-range eggs offer.


Our hens eat a healthy diet, have 24/7 access to fresh water and are allowed to roam as they please. They’re just happier and healthier! And happy, healthy chickens produce better eggs for your and your family!


Our eggs not only come in beautiful shells, they also have a rich, deeply colored yolk because they are laid by chickens who have a varied, nutrient-rich diet. 

Now just imagine those golden yolks spilling over your plate next Saturday morning!



None of our chickens have been given vaccinations or medications.  This ensures the egg is as natural, pure and clean as possible - the way nature intended.

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