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Humbled..what a review of our freeze-dried eggs!

We are continuing to add new sizes of our organic, farm-fresh, free-range freeze-dried chicken eggs. We now have two (2) more package sizes to choose from when ordering, so take a look!

Also, we are going to be adding a wide variety of freeze-dried foods, that you will really love!

A couple of days ago, we received an order and sent it out right away and then, something amazing and unexpected happened. We received a review, which we ask new orders for, so we can take feedback, learn and become better, and really get a true depiction of our product. What we received, absolutely blew our minds.

This was so kind and generous of her to do, we just had to share it.

She clearly writes for a living because she included amazing detail and her experience from ordering to eating, complete with pictures and humor injected throughout.

It was so well written and appreciated, we hope that you found this useful and informative.


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