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Freeze-Dried Organic Chicken Eggs



Why consider our organic, non-gmo, free-range freeze-dried chicken eggs?

Knowing that you have healthy, nutritious, and delicious food that will last for years provides peace of mind that in today's world, is greatly needed. Unlike many of the store-bought or online freeze-dried eggs, ours come directly from our farm. Other eggs have chemicals and ingredients that we can't even pronounce. If it is freeze-dried, you don't need anything else to "preserve" it.


We offer several size options for you to choose from, which makes storage a breeze. Our products are great for camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, and more! Just mix with water (2:1 ratio), cook thoroughly and you have an amazing tasting meal that is nutritious and healthy. Add any other items you want and spice it up a bit.


Our eggs are organic and our chickens are fed non-GMO food and healthy snacks such as food from our garden and non-GMO cracked corn. They enjoy eating bugs and other natural things they find in the 3-acre pasture where they are free to roam all day.


None of our chickens have received a vaccine. If any of our birds aren't feeling their best, they are seperated from the flock and evaluated for any medical needs. We feel that is the best way to raise animals naturally. If medicines, usually external powder to help with moulting or feather loss, are ever needed it is done so with veterinarian oversight.


Full article about our eggs can be viewed here.


SMALL: 8-9 eggs per package

MEDIUM: 16-18 eggs per pacakage

LARGE: 24-27 eggs per package

FAMILY / XL:  32-36 eggs per package


Directions: Mix 2 parts water to 1 part egg powder and cook thouroughly.

Powder Ratio: 2 TBPS = 1 egg


"The best eggs I've ever had, freeze-dried or not!" - Marcia (Connecticut)


"In one small storage bin, I have hundreds of eggs at my disposal!" - Liza (Texas)


"I ordered quite a bit of large packages, and super happy with my order!  Dave (California)


"I had some questions so messaged them and immediately received a phone call from the owner! That just doesn't happen these days, it was a great conversation and all questions were answered. I cannot wait to get my order and the personal touch/service was amazing!" - Patricia (New York)


"I have used these for my breakfasts while camping or backpacking, and they are not only delicious and easy and quick to make, they are lightweight and take up very little room."  Roger (Idaho)


Freeze-Dried Organic Chicken Eggs

  • We receive a lot of inquiries asking when our freeze-dried chicken eggs will be restocked and available.  We are working 24/7 on increasing our inventory, but they are such a popular item they don't last long online.  We are working and doing all we can to accommodate everyone. Typically, more are added within 10-15 days.


    The easiest way to know when more are available is to click "Notify when available" and you will receive an email when we restock. To read exactly how to do this (with pictures), click here.


    If you sign up for our VIP Text Club, you will receive updates on new items and availability.  We do not send out spam and keep your information private.

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