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Commonly Asked Questions 

The below are commonly asked questions we receive, and to better serve you, we've answered them here. 

However, if you still have a questions that isn't below, please send us an email so we can promptly respond.

  • Why sponsor an animal?
    Our animals would love to be sponsored by you! Your sponsorship provides food, shelter, healthy snacks & treats, halters, veterinarian care costs and other amenities. All of our animals free-range which means they eat available grass and bugs but sometimes they need more, especially in winter.
  • What animal can I choose to sponsor?
    You can choose any animal that is right for you and we have many animals to choose from. We also allow multiple people to sponsor the same animal. (See next question)
  • Will I be the only sponsor to the animal I choose?
    Possibly. Your sponsorship is super important but is a symbolic one. We cannot tell Gizmo to not eat Snickerdoodle's hay. All sponsorship funds go into our operating costs for the animals. All animal sponsorships are used for animal needs only.
  • How much does it cost to sponsor?
    Since different animals have different needs and eating habits (and quantities), please visit our Farmer's Market to see pricing! All sponsorships are a yearly commitment and can be paid in full or monthly.
  • What do I receive for sponsorship?
    First, you will know that you are making a positive impact in an animal's life. You will also receive: - A coffee mug with the animal you sponsor that says "My BFF" on it. - An 8x10 color photo "signed" by your animal. - A brief profile and bio telling you the history of the animal. - If you are local you can come out and have photos taken with your animal! - If you are not local, we can do a video call with your animal. - You will also have your name listed on this page as a Proud Sponsor
  • Can I name the animal I sponsor?
    No, all of our animals already have names, except the ducks and chickens as they are too plentiful and often difficult to identify.
  • Can I visit the farm and spend time with my animal?
    As an animal sponsor, you will have the opportunity to come to the farm and spend some time with your animal. If you aren't local, you receive other benefits as outlined. Please email us if you wish to come see the animal you sponsored.
  • What happens if the animal I sponsor passes away?
    Sadly, this does happen periodically, which is always a rough time for us. Should this happen your sponsorship will be transferred to another animal of your choice.
  • I want to sponsor an animal - what's the next step?
    Awesome! Read up on our animals and once you've picked your favorite, simply visit our store to sponsor! We will mail your sponsorship goodies to the address you provide at checkout. If you want to visit your animal just schedule a tour through our site!
  • I can't do a sponsorship, how else can I help?
    Of course! Aside from sponsorship, one of the easiest way to make a large impact for our animals is to donate food. All of our animals eat fruits and vegetables including carrots, apples, potatoes (regular and sweet), melons, zucchini, and sunflower seeds to name a few. These are inexpensive and not only given as treats but also are very healthy. Most often, people bring a bag of apples or carrots which they absolutely love and we (and our animals) appreciate anything you can provide.
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