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September 2023 • Back Forty Farms Newsletter

Ginger enjoying our nightly sunsets, always beautiful!
Ginger at Sunset

Welcome to the Back Forty Farms Newsletter – where the excitement never stops!

We've got more goodies than you can shake a carrot at, folks. From our fabulous garden that's churning out stunning, super-healthy produce to us becoming Idaho Preferred's latest besties. Oh, and hold onto your overalls, because we've got a shiny new product headed straight to our Country Store!

But that's just the tip of the hay bale. This edition is a whirlwind of farm-fueled fun and we can't wait to spill the beans (or plant the seeds) on all of it. So, put on your reading glasses and let's dive right in – we're about to get you up-to-date in style!

ALSO, if you read through our newsletter, you will likely find a coupon code that will save you 15% on your next order. How's that for reading something that we hope you will anyways?



Ron said all along their first grandchild would be a girl, and he was right! After a reveal party filled the sky with pink confetti, everyone knew and we had a wonderful celebration.

Heather is due in early December so in a few months, Ron and Lisa can be officially called "Grandparents!" We continue to pray for a healthy baby and that all goes well. The newest member of our family will be one heck of a Christmas present.



Hold onto your sun hats, folks! 🌞 Our product lineup has been growing faster than weeds in a summer garden, and as we bid adieu to the growing season, the Back Forty Farms treasure trove is still overflowing with goodies!

Now, drumroll, please... introducing our freshest and most adorable addition: Freeze-dried Baby Food Bonanza! 🍼👶 We're talking mouthwatering, nutrient-packed delights for your little bundle of joy. Just like all our other goodies, it's a symphony of deliciousness and healthiness, all sealed up in a handy mylar bag, with a twist – it's downsized, so no more hauling those clanky, breakable jars! Yep, we might've just invented a new word – "clanky," but who needs clanky when you can have compact and convenient?

Pop these mini marvels in your purse or diaper bag, and you're good to go. We've got classic flavors like pea, banana, and sweet potato, plus some secret recipe wizardry for those tiny taste buds. Trust us, even our quality control team couldn't resist a little nibble – all in the name of course of quality assurance.

What's the best part? These gems hydrate in a snap, right in the package, and they're ready to rock your baby's world in minutes! We're aiming to drop them in our store later this week, so mark your calendars!

Don't have a wee one of your own? No worries! If you know someone who's expecting or has a tiny tot, this is the gift that keeps on giving, especially with Christmas just around the corner (only 103 days, but who's counting? 😉).

But wait, there's more! We've been busy in the hot seat, crafting a variety of sizzling hot sauces from our homegrown peppers. It's a pepper party, and we are pondering the possibility of adding these fiery delights to our store – should we? 🔥🌶️



A few of our more popular items are listed (and linked) below for your convenience:

• Our soup starters make a terrific meal and easy to prepare over a campfire or jetboil.

• Our top-selling product, organic chicken eggs, make breakfast a snap!

• Our breakfast scrambles add some veggies and meat, but we do offer veggies without meat too.

• Our dandelion tea makes a great beverage after a day on the lake, or a great way to start your morning off. Get your energy in a healthy and delicious way.

• Our vegetable mix, peas, and corn are a perfect side to your main dish.

• Our banana chips are perfect to boost your energy or a perfect snack as you burn all those calories exploring.

• Our granola is not only great for an energy burst, but it's delicious! (Granola is not freeze-dried)

If you haven't browsed our Country Store recently, please do as you won't be disappointed and may find new things to try.

Remember, our freeze-dried foods are packaged in a mylar bag, contain an oxygen absorber and are then heat sealed. If stored in a cool, dry and dark place, the product will last for over 20 years! We have seen an increase in those adding to their food storage supply and also, due to it being so light and easy to carry, many people have found them beneficial for hunting, hiking, fishing, backpacking and more. Nothing quite like healthy, fresh and delicious food that isn't heavy and beyond simple to prepare.



Our freeze-dried chicken eggs are in high demand and thankfully, our hens are producing a lot of eggs for us, which means people rarely see "out of stock" - great news for you!.

Just a reminder that these high-protein and lightweight meals are so small you could put in a backpack and wouldn't even notice they are there.

Our eggs have been featured on NPR and the Today Show, and the reviews have been super positive so we hope you consider them if you haven't already.

Do you want to know the best part of our eggs? Read the next section.

Our most popular product!



We are excited to announce and do something that is very rare these days, which is: We have LOWERED our pricing on our freeze-dried chicken eggs!

You will now pay 20% less for our freeze-dried organic freeze-dried chicken eggs. Our goal is to get healthy food into as many homes (and bellies) as possible. We do not use antibiotics, shots, vaccines and all chicken feed is either non-GMO or grown right on our farm. Our chickens eat what they normally would in the wild as they are free-range, having almost 2 acres to enjoy and eat from naturally, as intended.

This price reductions isn't a sale - it's our new pricing for you!



We are most active on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Gab.



In May, we joined Idaho Preferred, which is an amazing organization and we have been really impressed with.

Idaho Preferred visited us during their Media Tour on August 31, which included media influencers and members of the press. It was a really good opportunity for more folks to learn about us, as well as other Idaho Preferred member farms in the area.

The Idaho Press Tribune crafted a story about us which can be read (below the photos) and below is an excerpt out of it. We were honored to be chosen.

"Kern is the first Idaho farmer veteran to be granted permission to use the official Homegrown By Heroes/Idaho Preferred merged mark, and he’s part of the Farmers Veterans Coalition serving on their Board. Support for veteran farmers is important, Kern said, and the coalition offers them resources and community."

Ron & Lisa Idaho Preferred Tour

Harvest time in Idaho is bountiful _ Life _
Download WEBARCHIVE • 10.66MB



Guess what, folks? It's hay-harvesting season here on the farm, and we're diving into the world of large crops, with our very first hay-growing adventure! 🌾🚜

We've been busy bees with not one, but two rounds of hay-cutting magic! 🧙‍♂️✂️ Let us tell you, our hay game is STRONG. For the first cutting we scored a whopping 27 colossal round bales, each weighing a whopping 2,000 pounds! That's right, these hay bales are practically the size of small cars, maybe even bigger.

But wait, there's more! We didn't stop there – our second cutting yielded another 9 bales, bringing our grand total to a jaw-dropping 36 bales. That's a whopping 72,000 pounds of hay in the barn! We are very likely going to get a third cutting, which we are very thankful for.

Now, why are we grinning from ear to ear? Because this means our furry and feathered friends are set for a very long time – no hay shortages here, folks! 🥳 When it is time to reload for next year, we'll just roll up our sleeves and do it all over again.

Oh, and did we mention there's a super cool TikTok video showcasing the hay harvest extravaganza? 📹🎉 If you want to see hay bales popping out of machines like a well-choreographed dance, just scroll down and hit that play button. It's farm-tastic entertainment you won't want to miss!



Losing an animal is always a somber moment, and on a farm, it's a part of life we must face. It's never easy, but we feel it's important to share a brief update on one of our beloved animals in the video below.



To say that Lisa and Tony are amazing in the kitchen would be an understatement. Each meal seems to always be a "photo opportunity." Breakfast is often our farm-fresh eggs, cilantro that we grow, and homemade sourdough bread that is the best tasting bread you can imagine. Eating food that isn't full of chemicals, pesticides and poisons is so important! Ron is "forced" to be QA and the taste tester for the delicious meals they create, but hey, somebody has to do it right?

Did you know that many of their favorite recipes are available to you? Click the below photo, or here, to view delicious recipes that we all enjoy here on the farm.


Hey, did you ever think you could become the ultimate animal VIP on our farm? It's like being a rockstar in the animal kingdom while having a blast! When you sponsor an animal, you're basically their fairy godparent. All your sponsorship dollars go directly to your chosen animal, so it's like a VIP treatment for them.

Plus, it's not just any gift—it's the unicorn of presents, a magnificent and one-of-a-kind surprise! So whether you're picking an animal for yourself or surprising a friend as a gift, get ready to soak up all the amazing perks that come with it. Let the wild times begin!

Also, we are asked often about what we offer, if we offer tours, etc. and many of these can be answered quickly by visiting our FAQ.

Use coupon code "NEWSLETTER" on your next order and save 15% off of your entire order!



Alrighty, folks! Who doesn't adore some good ol' farm-tastic snapshots? Get ready for a wild ride because we're introducing the snazzy Farm Foto Frenzy section! 📸🌾

We're talkin' pics of everything under the sun – animals, plants, flowers, and just about anything we thought might tickle your fancy. So, if you're not already stalking us on Instagram or TikTok, it's time to hop on that bandwagon because it's where we drop our photographic gems.

Now, feast your eyes below on a visual journey from our last newsletter up until now. No cryptic captions this time, these pics are as clear as day – just click to super-size 'em and soak in the awesomeness!



Are you ready to be the VIP of exclusive deals, discounts, and all the latest goodies? Well, buckle up because becoming the first to know is as quick as a snap!

In mere seconds, you can secure your spot in our inner circle, and let's be clear – we're all about quality over quantity. We promise, no spammy texts here. We're talking about sending you only the juiciest, most vital updates.

And guess what? If life takes you on a different path, no hard feelings! You can opt-out anytime, no strings attached. So don't wait – grab that VIP seat and let the savings and secrets roll in!

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Holy moly, folks! Our last newsletter had more eyes on it than a blockbuster movie premiere – 760 readers and a whole lotta love coming our way! 😎💥

Our mission? To serve up value like it's going out of style. We're dishing out knowledge, delivering healthy goodness right to your doorstep, and spicing it up with entertaining images and videos that'll make you grin from ear to ear.

Now, if you had a blast reading this (and we know you did!), why not be the superstar you are and share the love? Spread the word by sharing this newsletter with your friends or giving it a shoutout on your social media. Together, we can take over the internet, one click at a time!


Until next time (likely December), be safe, enjoy your summer and whenever possible - shop local and support a small farm near you.

We would all like to say "thanks" to all of you who support our small farm and wish you an awesome upcoming Fall season.


Ron, Lisa, Tony & Heather

Family info can be found here.


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