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Pre-order Option Now Available (Eggs)

We have had several people let us know that even after receiving an email and the VIP text, that when they arrive at our store, the product is sold out. We understand how frustrating this is, especially for our organic freeze-dried chicken eggs, as those are often sold out in minutes, literally, regardless of how many we add.

The freeze-drying process isn't a quick one. Most products take anywhere from 20-36 hours, with eggs taking almost 48 hours. Although we are working around the clock to keep our store full of products, it's a process that cannot be rushed.

We hope by adding a "pre-order" to many products, this helps those of you who have not had a chance to receive a product, even after watching the store closely and quickly responding to the "in-stock" emails and VIP texts we send out when restocked.

Choosing a product pre-order will ensure you receive the product and "put you in line" so to speak, for the next time we have that particular product. We do have a maximum number of "pre-orders," to ensure the wait time isn't exorbitant.

There are several things to understand about this process and it's very important you are aware of it before you checkout with a pre-order item, so please note:

  • If your order contains products we currently have and some that are pre-order, we will wait until we have all products available before shipping your complete order to you. There is a small workaround to help receive some items faster. For example, if you want strawberries, granola and cheese bites (all in-stock) and freeze-dried eggs (pre-order item) you can make 2 seperate orders. One order for the "in-stock" items and one for the "pre-order" which will help if you don't want to wait for all items to be shipped together.

  • Eggs are accumulated daily here on the farm, but the number of eggs are variable, so if your pre-order item is eggs, you can expect a longer wait time for your order to be shipped.

  • Although it's likely your pre-order items will be shipped before this, please expect 3-5 weeks for complete orders to be shipped. We do not have the bandwidth to answer emails or messages asking the status of an order with an item that was pre-ordered.

  • Once all items are available and packaged, we will ship it to you, and as normal, you will receive a tracking number notifying you.

A link to this blog article is sent to everyone who completes an order. Our goal is to have our products enjoyed by everyone and not always see "out of stock" when at our Country Store, so hoping this helps.

If you have any questions about this process that need answered before ordering, please feel free to reach out to us and we will respond as soon as possible.

We added this option to our Freeze-Dried Organic Chicken Eggs, but will be adding this to other products soon.


Lisa, Ron, Tony and Heather


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