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June 2022 Newsletter

Hi again everyone! We have been very busy since our last February newsletter and hope you enjoy the updates.

We are super excited to have Heather, our daughter, back working with us on the farm! She brings a lot to our team and oversees many aspects including website updates, social media, marketing material, animal care and more. She started working with us again in April. She's also getting married in July, so we're pretty darn excited about that too!


We now have 2 (two) baby pigs! Since these are going to be eventually food, we don't have them up for sponsorship. On a farm, animals raised for food never get an official name, so we call them Bacon Bits. They were very tentative around us initially but now they jump in your lap, love to get pet and they love to use people as their scratching post. It's such a funny thing to watch.

Out of the blue our white pig decided he has some hops!


If you haven't signed up for our VIP Text Club yet, we've made it easy for you below. Never miss a thing an important message and text club members are the FIRST to hear about specials, discounts, and when inventory has been updated and available for you. Our products, especially our regular and freeze-dried eggs, lasts just minutes on our Country Store, so this is the best way to ensure you can get some.


We have been working super hard to keep our inventory stocked for our freeze-dried foods. The response to our products have been overwhelming and thank you so much for your support of our small farm. We have so many new foods coming, it's really exciting!


We are super excited to be having our 3rd Annual Freedom Festival again this year. If you haven't attended before, it's a lot of fun. Enjoy a summer evening with food, fun, and meet like-minded people and enjoy a summer evening. We will have our pool open for the kids and they can even fish in our creek, lots of trout available!

Get your tickets today as the date is rapidly approaching. We are also offering a way to sponsor the event, which you'll find by clicking the below.


We have planted lots of seeds in our garden and it's coming up nicely. We do however need some help with more planting as well as weeding. If you are interested please let us know by clicking here or the below. Thanks to all of you who have already came out and volunteered and enjoyed a few hours on the farm.


Although our time is limited we have been intentional in writing more useful articles for our blog, and hope you take a minute to see if any are of interest for you. We often write articles of importance that we feel can't wait for the newsletter, so enjoy!

If there is a topic you would like to know more about or see in an upcoming blog post, please let us know so we can accomplish that.


We have deleted all of our Facebook pages. You can find our videos and social media on gab.


We hope that your summer is going well and if there is anything that we can to do help you, please drop us a note via our app, text, or email. Of course you can use the phone in your pocket and actually make a phone call too. :-)



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