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Freeze Dried Chicken Eggs

Why consider our freeze-dried eggs?  

  • Knowing that you have healthy, nutritious and delicious food that will last for years provides a peace of mind that in todays world, is greatly needed.

  • You get 8-9 eggs in our small package and weighs 1/12 of the weight of original eggs!  This makes storing a breeze, is great for camping, hiking, backpacking, boating and more!  Just mix with equal parts water, cook thoroughly and you have an amazing tasting meal that is nutritious and healthy.

  • Unlike many of the store bought or online freeze-dried eggs, ours come directly from our farm. Other eggs have chemicals and ingredients that we can't even pronounce, gross.

  • The best deal we could find on store bought freeze-dried eggs was $26.32 for about 12 servings of 3/4 cup prepared.  Our package is 70% less than that!

  • Our eggs are organic and our chickens are fed non-GMO food and healthy snacks such as food from our garden.  They enjoy eating bugs and other natural things they find in the pasture that they are free to roam.

Our eggs are gathered, cleaned, mixed and immediately freeze-dried.  After that, they are packaged with state of the art vacuum sealing and includes an oxygen absorber.  Total time from out of shell to package is minutes.

We have cooked our regular eggs and put them next to our freeze-dried eggs and the taste, color and texture are amazing.  We enjoy both kinds of eggs depending on what the circumstances are.

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