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Free-Range Chicken Eggs (Dozen)



We are home to over 300 very spoiled chickens who free-range our farm eating high quality natural food. They are also fed GMO-free feed and occasional fruit and veggie treats. This is why our eggs have a richer yolk and thicker shell. They taste better and hold more nutritional value than store bought eggs. Our eggs aren't just a treat for the palette - they also come in a variety of beautiful colors! Each carton contains a medley of pastel colored eggs ranging from tan to brown and blue to green. We would be happy to give you a tour of where they roam, what they eat and of course their custom-built Chicken Coop Mansion!​  They actually have two, one is called Wing-A and the other Wing-B.  "Wing", we thought it was cute, and they can't stop us.  :-)


None of our chickens have received a vaccine.  If any of our birds aren't feeling their best, they are seperated from the flock and evaluated for any medical needs.  We feel that is the best way to raise animals naturally.  If medicines, usually external powder to help with moulting or feather loss, are ever needed it is done so with veterinarian oversight.

Free-Range Chicken Eggs (Dozen)

  • Back Forty Farms

    8899 S. Black Cat Road

    Nampa, Idaho 83687

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