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Why choose pasture-raised turkey?

Meals are often the centerpiece of the holidays with family and friends, and when the main dish is a turkey, you want the best tasting bird you can get.

We have been asked over the years, "What's the difference between the Butterball turkeys in the store and the turkeys I can get at Back Forty Farms?" Well, there are many reasons why pasture-raised is superior and will provide the highlights for you here.

A Better Life

Our birds are raised for food, as God intended, and during their entire life on our farm, they live the best life they could have. They can fulfill their natural eating of bugs and grass, roosting instincts, and lots of room to move around.

Conventional birds are raised in the masses, often never seeing or being outside, have a light on 24 hours a day to eat more genetically modified organisms (GMO) food, and also that food is laced with antibiotics, growth hormone, and other unnatural things that eventually enter our bodies. They are all crammed into a small area allowing very little or no movement or walking. Not good.

Don't forget about the Butterball Scandals that showed birds being abused. They were beaten, thrown, and ground up alive. It's disgusting and you can find video and further research by clicking here, but take our word for it, you don't want a store-bought turkey for countless reasons.

Superior Taste & Quality

The Great taste comes from not only better care and living conditions described in more detail above, but also a diverse diet of grass, bugs, insects and supplemented with quality organic feed. They also always have fresh water, which is also super important. The only way to get the best tasting turkey is to get it fresh, not like the conventional ones that are pumped full of water or saline solution, which is for charging you more per pound and an effort to make them moist.

One of our valued clients last year said of the turkey she bought from us, "This was by far the best tasting turkey I have ever had. It took less time to cook, was super moist, and I will never eat another turkey from a store again, ever!"

Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey

Healthier & Nutrition

Plain and simple, pasture-raised birds are more healthy than store-bought. Whenever someone consumes an animal they are also consuming whatever the animal consumed, or in many cases, injected with.

Our turkeys have a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins D & E and many other nutrients and minerals due to being pasture-raised.

Our birds are free of many antimircrobials that are given in conventional conditions, which is given to fend off any disease due to unclean living conditions.

We are proud of how we raise our turkeys, what we feed them (and most importantly don't feed them), and from experience know the value and quality you receive when getting your turkey from us.

Last year, all of our turkeys literally sold out in just a few minutes, so we highly encourage you to enjoy and impress those this year with the healthiest, best tasting, and humanely raised turkey you can get. We increased our turkey count this year due to the demand, but likely they will sell quickly, so don't delay. They go on sale 6/26 at 9:00pm.

Average weights of our turkeys last year ranged from 19lbs - 31lbs.

If you would like to come see the area designated for our turkeys and how they are raised, feel free to contact us.



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