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When Will Your Freeze-Dried Eggs Be Available?

UPDATE 7/14/22

New Feature Added To Country Store!

We have recently added a feature on our Country Store that allows you to be notified when a certain product has been updated in our inventory. If you select a product that is out of stock, NOW all you have to do is click "Notify When Available" button and enter your email address. That's it! You may wish to ensure that Back Forty is whitelisted so it hits your inbox instead of your spam folder.

With this new feature we will no longer need to send out a text and you'll be notified even faster!


We receive a lot of inquiries asking when our freeze-dried chicken eggs (and other products) will be restocked and available. If you randomly visit our store you will likely see "out of stock." Our eggs, tomatoes and other freeze-dried items do not last long, usually 30 minutes or less.

Last month we incubated and hatched over 200 chickens to add to our flock which will increase egg production. Many of these won't start laying until September, so it will be a minute before we notice the increase.

This week, we have put another 180 eggs to hatch, so over the winter and next year we can have even more egg production, allowing inventory to be updated and added more frequently. We also put aside fresh eggs for our loyal customers who are local who buy them by the dozens. It's a balancing act for a small farm but we are doing the best we can.

Each freeze-dried item on our store take roughly 36-48 hours to process, once all the preliminary work has been accomplished. Creating quality freeze-dried items is not a quick process, unfortunately.

If you sign up for our VIP Text Club, you will be notified when the website has eggs available. When you receive the text we highly encourage you to make a purchase as they just won't last long, even when high quantities are added.

After we send the text, it is then posted to gab. We are very strong supporters of this platform and is a great way to be notified of products being available.


You can of course sign up for our newsletter which is located at the bottom (footer) of our website.


A few answers to other common questions:

  • We do not have a "waiting list" so you can get products once available.

  • We cannot take your credit card and do orders manually.

  • Yes, free shipping is for any order over $200.00

  • If items show "local only" or "pickup only", do not order them to be shipped, as your order will be cancelled and refunded. Each item is clearly marked.

  • All orders are done via our store, as it is tied in with our inventory and our expedited mailing and shipping system.

  • This is our busy time of year, planting, farming, etc. We do not have time to respond to texts or phone calls asking when our products will be added to our Country Store.

  • We dislike Facebook, so rarely are things posted on our Back Forty Farms page on that platform. We use gab almost exclusively.

  • None of our chickens have been vaccinated or medicated.

  • All animals on our farm are fed non-GMO and organic feed.

  • We do not use any pesticides on any food we grow and use well-water for our garden. This is a hint that once harvesting starts, you will see a large variety of freeze-dried vegetables, meals and more! :-)

Please always keep in mind we are family owned and operated small farm, and we work tirelessly sun-up to sun-down, so we have products available.

Our orders across the United States have reached 71% of the states. We are trying to get an order from every single state, wouldn't that be cool? We've sent orders to Hawaii and Alaska and coast-to-coast, but have some states yet to know about our amazing products.

Our family extends a very sincere and big "Thank You" for your orders and supporting our small farm. The positive community that gab provides is what social media should be, and we love it. We also have a TV Channel on gab that you might be interested in. Our videos, both funny and educational are posted here.

All of our customers are considered part of the BFFF (Back Forty Farms Family) and ensuring that you receive the best quality product in a timely manner is what we strive for daily.

Sending you many blessings,

Ron, Lisa, Tony and Heather



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