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My Package Appears Unsealed, What Next?

All of our freeze-dried items are vacuum sealed and checked for quality prior to being mailed. They are completely sealed when they leave our farm and from time-to-time due to circumstances outside of our control, they can arrive unsealed during shipping.

One of the main causes is, since we mail nationwide, is the elevation and air-pressure changes that take place on an airplane. We cannot replace these items but there are many things you can do, in case this happens.

If you receive a package that isn't sealed, or you plan on opening a package for partial use and need a way to seal them, we recommend (and use personally) the below items. An opened bag should be used within 7-10 days, unless stored for long-term storage.

If you use the mylar bags, you will not need to remove out the air. Whatever you put them in, sealed bags, jars or mylar, you should always include oxygen absorbers.

We apologize if this happens to you but please understand we cannot control what happens during shipping. These are isolated cases and not the "norm" but it can happen and we want to ensure that you have a way to safely store your product.

Lastly, we ship all orders promptly via the USPS and includes a tracking number. Should you not receive your order, please check the status using your tracking number. If it shows delivered but you cannot find it, you will need to contact your local USPS office and inquire with them.

All orders are taken to our local post office and cannot be responsible after that. If it helps, you can find your local post office by clicking here.

To track your order using the tracking number issued, click here.


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