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Thanksgiving • Specials • Baby Update

We trust you're enjoying a well-deserved break from work, savoring this day surrounded by loved ones. Thanksgiving provides a precious opportunity to express gratitude for the abundance in our lives. While it's tempting to focus on what may be lacking, taking a moment to genuinely enumerate our blessings might reveal a richness that leaves little room for anything else. May your day be rich with blessings, filled with joyous laughter, and crowned with the pleasure of amazing and satisfying food.

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Since today may be filled with additional naps and rest (as it should be) we are extending this discount until Sunday at midnight, and then it will expire.

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Get ready for a bundle of joy because Heather, our amazing daughter, is on the verge of welcoming her little girl into the world—literally any moment now! We playfully speculate that it might happen just as we're about to savor our delectable farm-raised turkey later today. The imminent arrival of this precious baby girl is about to transform Lisa and Ron into proud grandparents—time really does fly!

The anticipation is electric among family and friends, though it's safe to say Heather's excitement may just top them all. The countdown to the arrival of our newest family member is on, and everyone is so excited.

Sending you amazing vibes for Thanksgiving, take advantage of extra savings and discounts on all products and stay tuned for an update on the much-anticipated arrival of Skyler and Heather's baby girl. Lastly, they haven't 100% landed on a name, but they are leaning heavily on one in particular, so hoping we have a name soon, but for now, it's "Baby J" as their last name is Jackson.

Skyler, Heather and "Baby J."


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We’re overjoyed for your WONDERFUL Family and this Heartfelt and Greatly appreciated Greeting for Thanksgiving! …..Especially dedicated to Skyler, Heather and the imminent birth of their Darling Daughter and freshly minted Grandpa and Grandma. We have Thanksgiving every day by counting our Blessings …like knowing you terrific people on your beautiful farm full of love living among us…

Thank You!!! 💕 David and Winnie Kelsey

Ronald Kern
Ronald Kern
Nov 24, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for the exceptionally kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time to share and indeed, we are all pretty darn excited for the little girl to be born!

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