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Thanks For The Tour Memories!

We'd like to say "Thanks" to everyone who took a private tour of our farm this year. The number of tours, responses, and reviews, were overwhelming and we really appreciate those who visited us. We always enjoy sharing the farm life with tour participants.

With the rain and cold temperatures already upon us, and snow soon, we have turned off the ability to schedule a tour the rest of the year.

We will activate this again in the Spring of 2024.

If you have taken a tour, tried any of our products and haven't left us a review of your experience, we would really appreciate you doing so. It doesn't take very long and is super easy, just click here and choose what platform you want to leave a review on. Google is obviously preferred, but the choice(s) is up to you or you can leave a review on all of them. :-)

Our newest addition, "Boo."



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