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Accident Updates

This blog will provide current updates to the previous article, found here.

July26, 2021 - Lisa - Our final update

How in the world can it already be a month since the accidents?

Lisa's still recovering with some tearing up and gets pretty tired if she tries to go back to normal activities. The crazy amount of smoke doesn't help her eyes but she's doing very well considering.

The vision in her injured eye is actually better than her other eye! The joke has been we have received too many prayers since its so good, but of course we know prayers and the amazing doctor is what did it.

Ron's bruising is finally all gone and has resumed doing everything he could before. There are times when the pain still shows up and that will likely continue due to the bone being bruised.

It's hard to tell there was massive eye trauma.

Lisa was given a new llama for her birthday, who came with a name of Phillip. Such a silly name but believe it or not, Lisa hasn't changed it. Ron wasn't going to cut his hair until her vision was to a place that she was happy with, so the hairs were trimmed quite a bit with the excellent progress.

Thanks to everyone who helped volunteer, made dinners, prayed and so much more. We couldn't have done this without you and your support.


July 7, 2021 - Lisa

Today we visited another (3rd) eye doctor to determine the status of her retina, and we are extremely happy to report that it is fully attached! Everything else is progressing in the right direction and her vision improvd even from Monday to 20/30, which is truly amazing.

He also said that the eye surgeon (Dr. Fishburn) should receive a Christmas card every day as he clearly saved her eye. He was amazed that with the type of injury, and such trauma, that she is doing so well at any stage, let alone after just 11 days.

As an added bonus, she received those cool glasses which of course Ron captured for posterity purposes. :-)

We said a prayer prior to going into the clinic and blessings and prayers are continuing to be answered. Thanks so much for your continued prayers, they are working. I sound like a broken record but when all 3 doctors are amazed, surprised and use the words "great" and "fantastic", it's all God and your prayers.


One of the most sought after pain doctors in the United States, Dr. Traci Patterson, offered to come to his house last night and provided a laser pain session. People fly in from around the world to see her, and she offered to help with Ron's bruising, pain and inflammation. What an amazing gift and blessing it was. He is walking a little better with each passing day and the bruising is dissapating daily, although it's still pretty gnarley looking.


July 6, 2021 - Lisa

Lisa had an eye appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday to determine the use of her upper and lower eyelids, her tear ducts, and the status of her stitches.

The surgeon said that the stitches look wonderful and since each one is individual, rather than one continuous thread, any scars will be minimul. There ar 56 of them and will be quite time consuming to remove, which is likely in about 2 weeks.

Her vision was checked and has already improved from the initial exam, so your prayers for healing and perfect vision are helping! .

Due to the damage of her eyelids and tear ducts, those were the largest concerns next to her vision. The surgeon said that it appars the lower duct is in tact and likely the upper has settled back to where it should be. The eyelids are working and as it heals the skin will tighten and may or may not need any work done to fix it, time will tell as with everything else.

Lisa has been up quite a bit more and even went a day without wearing her eye protection/patch. The pain is very minimul but her eye waters a lot and that is annoying to her, but the frequency should decrease with time.

He was very impressed with everything he looked at so another good report and heading in the right direction.

On a trip to D&B Lisa showed her sense of humor is in tact. So many people asked, but no, we didn't buy it. But hey, her birthday is coming up in 3 days. :-)

New Llama!

Lisa received an early birthday present this week, a new llama! He is 9 months old and at least for now, his name is Phillip.

July 6, 2021 - Ron

The bruising has continued to be pretty nasty looking but with each passing day it seems to be getting better. Each day yields a new color and landscape so he has that going for him. :-)

He has been able to walk without a limp the last couple of days but has moments that quickly remind him of his injury.

Volunteers and Meals

There continues to be amazing volunteers that are helping in so many ways it's impossible to quantify it other than to say, the farm continues due to the generosity of so many people. We cannot thank everyone enough.

The new dates have been added so if you too would like to volunteer click here.

We have not had to cook a meal, thankfully as Lisa is the dinner cook, due to people bringing over meals. What a blessing and Godsend this is.


July 2, 2021 - Lisa

The cause of her accident was our llama Pacha, kicked Lisa in the eye while shearing. Pacha had the highest number of parasites in him that the vet had seen in 30+ years, so we have been babying him and ensuring medicine, water, snacks, and food were available 24/7. We also moved him near our front yard and away from any other animals, which he seemed to like. Pacha also was unable to walk due to a shoulder issue and although we could get him to stand daily with our assistance, he never put weight on his injured leg.

Today, Pacha took a turn for the worst, and unfortunately he is no longer with us. He was a pretty old llama who was spoiled beyond measure since he arrived, so we know he had the best life possible. Although the correct medicine was given, the sheer amount of parasites coupled with the inability to walk, was a deadly combination. He brought us so much laughter and joy with his personality, he will be missed.

July 2, 2021 - Lisa & Ron

Lisa has been able to take full advantge of maximizing healing through lots of rest. With the generous amounts of help and volunteers daily, knowing things are being taken care of, allows her to get the best thing for healing, that being sleep and rest. She isn't taking any pain medication and eating well and per usual, in rather good spirits.

Ron's hip and leg are still fully bruised and the coloring changes daily. For the first time since his accident, he is walking without a major limp and feels pretty good overall.


June 29th, 2021 - Lisa

Lisa's first appointment with her eye doctor since the accident and surgery took place, and prayers are working.

Although eager to get an update, we were a bit hesitant too, not knowing what the exam would tell us about her eye. It was a sad and funny sight as Ron was limping along the parking lot holding Lisa's hand, wearing an eye patch, it was tough to see who was helping who. :-)

The eye doctor used the words "fantastic" and "great" so we were a relieved how the entire exam went. She was able to read the large "E" and a couple of lines below it with her injured eye, which was quite rare he said with people suffering that extensive of injury.

Lisa getting eye exam.

The blessings continued as her peripheral vision was good and it appears that all of her muscles were working as they should be. The pressure in her eye was good as well, so the 13 stitches inside of her eye are holding and doing their job.

She does have 55 stitches on the outside of her face, and all things considered, she looks amazing, beautiful Ron would say. She's such a strong woman and her attitude and demeanor regarding the entire accident are ones to emulate. She has said, "I feel as though I'm protected by angels."

She will be seeing a plastic surgeon next week who will look into the functionality of her upper and lower eyelids, as both were severed. Later this week she will be seen by a retina specialist to ensure nothing is detached or damaged.

What level of clarity and final vision is the big question, but one that will only be answered after a week-by-week test. It will take some time but the exam provided a wonderful start and couldn't have asked for anything better really. We do however have some guarded optimism.

Ron's bruising continues to change from dark purple to light purple, yellow, blue and every other color. Pain is still present but finding it a bit more easy to walk more upright, even though it's with a fairly hefty limp, even after 8 days.

The outpouring of prayers, help, volunteers, prepared dinners, cards, flowers and more are overwhelming. Words cannot express how much this helps the farm and workload, but mental well being too.

We are so honored and blessed to have so many people, many we have never met, come out and help it's just unbelievalbe. Many, many, thanks to everyone.

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