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Back Forty Farms / February 2023

Winter Sunset at Back Forty Farms • Idaho

There have been so many things taking place, thus the delay in getting our newsletters out to you. It's a new year so we promise to share all the happenings on the farm more consistently. With that, let's get you all current and up-to-date!



We had a baby girl born on December 15th, a little Scottish Highland mix. If she gets any cuter we won't know what to do with her. Arabella is being a very good mama to her and both are healthy and happy. Being born near Christmas, her name is Noelle, however, "curly" seems to be a name she's referred to a lot too.

Baby Cow - Back Forty Farms
Baby Noelle

Baby  Cow with Mama - Back Forty Farms
Arabella & Noelle



We have been working hard in creating freeze-dried foods. Our variety of products have increased dramatically over the last several months, so there are lots more options for you to choose from.

We have been abundantly blessed and the word has quickly made its way around the country. In addition to being chosen as one of the best top 10 companies offering freeze-dried foods, we have had customers from every state in the country and we appreciate all of those who help support our small farm.

Remember, our freeze-dried foods are packaged in a mylar bag, contains an oxygen absorber and then heat sealed. If stored in a cool, dry and dark place, the product will last for over 20 years! We have seen an increase in those adding to their food storage supply and also, due to it being so light and easy to carry, many people are using them when they hike, hunt, fish, etc. Nothing like organic, fresh and delicious food that isn't heavy and beyond simple to prepare.

We have added many new and amazing products, both freeze-dried and not freeze-dried, so if you haven't looked on our Country Store recently, please do as you won't be disappointed.



Everyone knows about the egg shortage in this country. This "cheap protein is becoming quite expensive, rising 300% in the last few months. No other food has anywhere near this amount of increase.

We have been told it's mostly due to the bird flu, avian flu, etc. This is such a small percentage of the reason, it's disgusting they have tried to use it as the main reason. It's even more disgusting that so many people actually believe this. It is NOT the reason why.

The media doesn't mention Purina putting ingredients into their mix (they make it for Tractor Supply and countless other companies), hundreds of chicken and chicken egg production plants going up in smoke, over 113 "accidentally" were destroyed in a fires, cause unknown in most. There is lots of reasons, just know what you are being told is not the truth. I go into this more in depth in the below video.

National Public Radio (NPR) did an article and audio interview about this topic. Unfortunately (not surprising) the reasons I listed didn't make it into the story. They did do a good job with it overall and being read and heard by over 20 million of their listeners, made Back Forty Farms even more known.

Last week, The Today Show did an interview with us, on the same topic, and she said that should be online next week. Once it is available we will likely send out a text to our VIP members with the link. If you haven't signed up yet, it takes about 20 seconds and you can do so here.

The Hustle, also mentioned us. You can listen to the entire thing here, and the brief mention about Ron is below.

We will soon have a "In The News" section on our website as with past and recent local and national media, it'll be easier to have all in one place for you.

I did a short video explaining what I believe are the reasons for the egg shortage. It, along with the NPR piece, are below. It became the #1 video on Gab overall, and still is #1 in their "Food" category for videos.

NPR - article here

NPR audio below



Many of you know we have a "few" animals on the farm, but apparently we are trying to have the same number of animals outside as we do inside.

We have Romeo and Chloe, Chihuahuas, Luna, an Italian Greyhound, and then "the boys", Knox and Ryker, both German Shepherds Chloe isn't doing real good, but we're trying to keep her happy as possible, but never fun for dogs 12/13 years old.

Everyone loves their dog(s), and we aren't any different, so we wanted to share some photos to, if nothing else, give you a smile.



Those who follow us on social media may have noticed we are no longer on Facebook. With over 8,500 followers, it was a tough call to delete our account, but it's been a great thing to get off of it. We are still on Insta-gram, TikTok, YouTube and Gab.

If you haven't heard of Gab, it's awesome! The people on it are positive, supportive and real. The CEO, Andrew Torba, has become very supportive of our farm and if you have been looking for an alternative to the mainstream social media, give Gab a look. On Gab we have our own TV Channel and is where we are the most active, by far.

You can click the above links or visit our "Say Hello" page here on our website.



We have a new family member, his name is Skyler. Our daughter was married on July 23, 2022 and we are so blessed she found such an amazing man. The wedding was amazing and Ron cried more that day, than in the last 10 years.

Heather rode in on an late 1800's carriage pulled by one of our beautiful horses, Oliver. It truly was an amazing day.



With recent temperatures being in single digits, it's hard to think about a garden, but we are in the planning stages for this year.

We are hoping to get back to our Farmer's Market, but we will have to see if time allows for that. More to come on that front.


From all of us at Back Forty, we hope that you are staying warm, enjoying life and we want to say "thanks" to all of you who have supported us!


Ron, Lisa, Heather & Tony

Family info can be found here.



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