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Born to Moo: Celebrating Boo's Birth on the Farm

October 2nd started out like any other day here at Back Forty Farms. Breakfast from food we grow, animals fed and greeted and then off to complete more chores.

Lisa finished up with a client session for NeuroBalanced, and as they walked from the horse arena, passing the cows, our client said, "Did you get another baby cow?" Lisa said, "Of course not, why?" They walked over for a closer look and it was then, that Lisa realized that MooMah had given birth! Since we had sold our bull (Hershey) several months ago, the possibility of any of our cows being pregnant didn't enter our minds. Cows gestation period is 10 months which is how this was possible. She must have been "with cow" since December of last year.

Did you know you can sponsor Boo, or any other animal on our farm? Just click the links and give one of coolest and most unique gifts ever! Oh, on a side note, it's just 82 days until Christmas - hint hint. :-)

What a suprise and blessing it was! A friend suggested the name "Boo" as it was a surprise to us and it's October, and we loved it, so below, enjoy some pictures and videos of Boo.

I guess you can say that MooMah was "having a cow."


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