Pasture Raised Holiday Turkey (Deposit)

Our birds are raised in a stress-free environment and have many natural food sources. We feed them healthy snacks and we never use food that contains hormones or GMO components. We raised them from babies and have been well taken care of daily.


If you haven't had a pasture raised turkey, you and your family are in for a major treat. You'll never buy another store bought turkey again! Farm Fresh turkeys are more nutritious - here's an article for you to check out.


This deposit ($50.00) will hold your turkey. We will have a list of weights available after processing. Remaining balance will be determined by the finished and processed weight of the delicous bird you select. Once processed we will email you with available sizes/weights and arrange a pickup date. They will be frozen until your pickup, and we try and do this as close to Thanksgiving as possible.


Today through July 31st:  $5.99lb

After July 31st:  $7.99lb


Remaining balance (price per pound x # pounds less deposit) may be paid with cash, check, or Venmo. 

Pasture Raised Holiday Turkey (Deposi