Free-Range Duck Eggs

Never tried duck eggs? Here's some quick facts:


- Duck eggs have thicker shells which tends to give them a longer shelf life than chicken eggs.


- Duck eggs are about 50% larger than even jumbo chicken eggs (yolk too!). This means they are higher in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and other necessary nutrients.


- Duck eggs have a richer taste and a creamier consistency. This is in part due to levels of albumen. More albumen gives your pastries and other baked goods more structure and a higher lift. Cakes and other pastries come out fluffier and lighter than with chicken eggs.


- But what about the taste? Duck eggs taste very similar to chicken eggs, only richer! Plus they're a perfect option for those who have allergies/bad reactions to chicken eggs.


* We don't often have duck eggs available to the public so take advantage of this while you can! *

Free-Range Duck Eggs