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Why We Freeze Dry So Much Food

When it comes to storing food in volume and longterm, there are several options to choose from. You can dehydrate, the ever popular canning (waterbath or pressure) or use a Freeze Dryer. We do dehydrate some, usually herbs, and of course can a lot of food, soups, etc. but more often, we freeze dry it.

Dehydrating foods takes a long time and removes the moisture from the food. What I've found is it changes the texture and over a short-time, it loses its flavor and even stored securely, won't last as long as canning and not even close to freeze dried foods. Plus, you will lose nutritional value of the food, not so with freeze-drying.

One of the biggest reasons for us to move toward freeze-drying is simple. The items will last up to 25 years and most importantly, it won't lose nutritional value of the food. You can eat it as-is or rehydrate into a meal. There isn't a point of keeping food on hand for decades if it isn't going to give your body the nutrition from the food.

Having a 3.5 acre garden and 42-acres, we were asked often if we sell our freeze-dried food, so now, all of the amazing food is available to you on our Country Store.

Running 24/7, we do our best to keep inventory replinished. We will soon have soups, meats and full meals, so sign up for our newsletter (bottom of website) or our VIP Text Club for new product releases.

It's a peace of mind when you order from us you will have healthy, nutritious and delicious food that will last for decades.

Visit our Country Store to view the wide selection of amazing foods we offer.


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21 oct 2021

Great info. Thanks Ron!

Me gusta
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